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Worldview, Doctrine, and Systems
From the Cold War to the Abe Era
Surviving between Dictatorship and Democracy
The End of Great Ambitions
How to Defuse the Emerging US-China Rivalry
Considering the Responsibilities of Great Power
Forces, Doctrine, and Dangers
An Intercultural Approach
Entering the New Era of Deterrence
An Introduction
Domestic and Foreign Policy Challenges
Ensuring Access and Promoting Security
Strategies and Responses
Nation, Neighborhood, and Region
China, Japan, and Maritime Order in the East China Sea
Understanding Islamic Parties, Political Violence, and Extremism in Pakistan
Asia's New Battleground
The Indian Ocean and International Security
Public Administration and the Legacies of Mao's Rustication Program
Strategy and Policy Choices for America's Longest War
Southeast Asia and the Great Powers since 1975
The State of Myanmar
Ideas, Institutions and Policy Communities
The Beliefs Behind the Man
The Transformation of the Korean Presidency and Bureaucracy