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Georgetown Classics in Arabic Languages and Linguistics series

Karin C. Ryding and Margaret Nydell, series editors

For some time, Georgetown University Press has been interested in making available seminal publications in Arabic language and linguistics which have gone out of print. Some of the most meticulous and creative scholarship of the last century was devoted to the analysis of Arabic language, to producing detailed reference works and textbooks of the highest quality. Although some of the material is dated in terms of theoretical approaches, the content and methodology of the books considered for the reprint series is still valid and in some cases, unsurpassed.

With global awareness now refocused on the Arab world, and with renewed interest in Arab culture, society, and political life, it is essential to provide easy access to classic reference materials such as dictionaries, reference grammars, and language teaching materials. The key components of this series of classic reprints have been chosen for quality of research and scholarship, and have been updated with new bibliographies and introductions to provide readers with resources for further study. Where possible, the original authors have been involved in the reproduction and republication process.

Georgetown University Press hopes hereby to serve the growing national and international need for reference works on Arabic language and culture, as well as provide access to quality textbooks and audio-visual resources for teaching Arabic language in its written and spoken forms.

Lexical and Stylistic Developments
Second Edition
Structures, Functions, and Varieties
Revised Edition