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Georgetown Studies in Intelligence History series

Series Editors
Christopher Moran, University of Warwick
Mark Phythian, University of Leicester
Mark Stout, Johns Hopkins University

Today as for millennia, spies and their masters acquire secrets, identify threats and opportunities, and provide covert capabilities to enhance state power. Intelligence is a key but underappreciated tool of statecraft that shapes international conflict and cooperation. It is also an aspect of state power that can affect the lives of individuals at home or abroad, for good or for ill. Accordingly, it is of vital public and professional importance to understand the history and evolution of intelligence

This new book series from Georgetown University Press seeks to publish cutting-edge scholarship about the fascinating history of intelligence around the world from ancient times to the present day. The aim is not only to publish for scholars and practitioners but also to engage the public’s thirst for knowledge about this vitally important subject. The series is open to works of original research that explore intelligence as a tool of statecraft, operational histories, successes and failures, leadership, oversight, biographies of key figures, technological evolution, and espionage in culture and society. The series also seeks to go beyond the most frequently examined topics in American and British intelligence to explore the histories of nations outside of the Anglosphere as well as truly international histories.

To submit a proposal or manuscript, please contact:
Donald Jacobs
Senior Acquisitions Editor
Georgetown University Press
3520 Prospect Street, NW, Suite 140
Washington, DC 20007

Series Editorial Advisory Board
Ioanna Iordanou, Oxford Brookes University
Peter Jackson, University of Glasgow
Tricia Jenkins, Texas Christian University
Paul Maddrell, Loughborough University
Paul McGarr, University of Nottingham
Kathryn Olmsted, University of California, Davis
Dina Rezk, University of Reading
Calder Walton, Harvard University
Michael Warner, Washington, DC

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