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From Apes to Artificial Intelligence
Russia, Deterrence, and Reassurance
Lessons Learned and Lost in America's Wars
The Ethics of Secret Intelligence
Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons
Junior Partners in Coalition Warfare
Intelligence Leaders in the United States and United Kingdom
Intelligence Leaders in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia
Moral Challenges in an Era of Contested and Fragmented Sovereignty
The Special Relationship on the Rocks
International Engagement on Cyber VII, Fall 2017
Volume 18, No. 3
The Psychology of Nuclear Crises
Fourteen Analogies
Engaging Ukraine, Russia, and Beyond
Life and Work in the US Foreign Service
Third Edition
From Silence to Condemnation of a Weapon of War
Summer/Fall 2017
Volume 18, No. 2
Navigating the Labyrinth
Second Edition
The Politics of Insecurity and the Rise of the Israeli Neo-Revisionist Right
Militants, Activists, and Corporations in World Politics
A Modern History
Updated Edition
Religion, Policy, and Counter-narratives
A Guide to the Art and Science of Professional Fieldwork
Entering the New Era of Deterrence
Winter/Spring 2017
Volume 18, No. 1
The Lost History of Prosecuting Axis War Crimes
A Guide to the Capital Region's Secret History
International Engagement on Cyber VI
Volume 17, No. 3
Consolidating Combat Success into Political Victory
Dreaded Diseases, Ethical Responses, and the Health of Nations
A Comprehensive Strategy for Preventing Foreign Cyberattacks
Leading and Succeeding in the Public Sector
An Introduction
How the Muslim Brotherhood Won and Lost Egypt in 891 Days
Summer/Fall 2016
Volume 17, No. 2
A Conservative Internationalist Grand Strategy
Rethinking the US Military Commitment to Defend Persian Gulf Oil
International Engagement, Security Cooperation, and the Changing Face of the US Military
Second Edition
The Reshaping of International Security Institutions
Markets, Resources, Security
Domestic and Foreign Policy Challenges
Winter/Spring 2016
Volume 17, No. 1
Why the United States Struggles to Coerce Weak States
Uprooted by Revolution and Civil War
International Engagement on Cyber V
The Challenge of Measuring Success and Failure
Intelligence Analysis of Adversaries since 1945
The United States, NATO, and Beyond
Summer/Fall 2015
Volume 16, No. 2
Assessing the American Adversary during the Cold War
American Intelligence in the Revolutionary War
Confessional Culture and the Limits of Integration
How to Defuse the Emerging US-China Rivalry
The Global Footprint of Lebanon's Party of God
A Season of Rebirth?
Winter/Spring 2015
Volume 16, No. 1
The Rise of the United States, 1898-1941
The IAEA and the Absolute Weapon
Distance, War, and the Limits of Power
The Evolution of an Incidental Superpower
Ensuring Access and Promoting Security
The Militarization of US Foreign Policy?
Strategies and Responses
Reflections on Seas, Coasts, and Interiors
Nation, Neighborhood, and Region
From Apoliticism to Transnational Jihadism
International Engagement on Cyber IV
Summer/Fall 2014
Volume 15, No. 2
Ninth Edition
US Military Practice from the Revolution to Afghanistan
Winter/Spring 2014
Volume 15, No. 1
Merging Competing Military Forces after Civil Wars
An International Security History
China, Japan, and Maritime Order in the East China Sea
International Engagement on Cyber III, 2013
Moral and Historical Perspectives
National Security Practitioners' Perspectives
Second Edition
Careers in International Education, Exchange, and Development
Second Edition
A Military History of Iran and Its Armed Forces
Espionage from the Revolutionary War to the Dawn of the Cold War
My Report to the World
Human Rights, International Order, and the Ethics of Peace
Understanding Islamic Parties, Political Violence, and Extremism in Pakistan
Espionage against the United States from the Cold War to the Present
Summer/Fall 2013
Volume 14, No. 2
Asia's New Battleground
Failure and Success from Pearl Harbor to 9/11 and Beyond
Authority, Tradition, and Practice