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Public Management and Change series

Beryl A. Radin, series editor

The Public Management and Change series seeks to publish research and theoretical contributions that advance the understanding of public institutions and their management, both of which operate in an era of significant change. These books are intended to be used in the graduate-level classroom as well as by scholars and practitioners.

The series addresses the increasing complexity of the public sector, encompassing governmental jurisdictions, nonprofit and private organizations that contract with government, as well as non-public institutions that engage in projects and activities that have public purposes or implications. The field of public management has developed from a small subfield of political science to an international, multidisciplinary enterprise that draws on concepts and methods from sociology, anthropology, economics, history, and general management. This series captures those developments by highlighting works that illustrate these approaches and that shed new light on the problems of public management today. The series is increasingly global in both its readership and its focus on cross-national and comparative research.

The more than 30 books already published in the series have emphasized issues of performance measurement and accountability, collaboration, street-level bureaucracy, networks, and public-private partnerships. Books in the series have won prestigious awards from the American Political Science Association, the Academy of Management, and the American Society for Public Administration. This series is no longer accepting new manuscripts.

Editorial Advisory Board:
Robert Agranoff, Indiana University-Bloomington and Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gassett
Michael Barzelay, London School of Economics
Ann O'M. Bowman, Texas A & M University
George Frederickson, University of Kansas
William Gormley, Georgetown University
Rosemary O'Leary, University of Kansas
Norma Riccucci, Rutgers University
David Rosenbloom, American University

Innovation in American Elections
The Implementation of Obama's Economic Stimulus Program
Leading and Succeeding in the Public Sector
The Development of the Public Employment Relationship
Second Edition
Street-Level Organizations and Workfare Politics
Public Administration and the Legacies of Mao's Rustication Program
A Primer for the Public Sector
The Elusive Quest for Efficiency in Government
The Politics of Educational Accountability
Networks and Public Policy Innovation
The Minnowbrook Perspective
Traditions of Inquiry and Philosophies of Knowledge
Fostering Enduring Change in Environmental and Natural Resource Governance
The Challenger and Columbia Accidents
New Ideas for the Twenty-First Century
Protecting the Public Interest in an Outsourced World
Constructing Information and Reform
Counterbalancing Economic Individualism
Environmental Policy, National Security, and Organizational Change
Adding Value to Public Organizations
Evaluating Faith-Based Job Programs in the States
Accountability, Complexity, and Democratic Values
Constancy and Change in Public Administration
Street-Level Bureaucrats and Welfare Reform