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Religion, Medicine, and Moral Anthropology
The Social Witness of U.S. Catholicism
An Introduction to Spirituality in Health Care
Memoir of a Catholic Theologian
God, Sex, and the U.S. House of Representatives
Religion, Values, and Society in American Life
Commentaries and Interpretations
The Ecumenical Church and Human Rights
The Laity and Governance of the Catholic Church
The Politics of George W. Bush's Faith-Based Initiatives
The Theology of Ignacio Ellacuría
The Christian Right in Local Politics
Reform and Renewal in the Catholic Community
A Contemporary Approach to a Veiled Text
Second Edition
Religious Voices on Stem Cells and Cloning
Religion and International Politics
Making Peace and Doing Justice After Civil Conflict
Expanded and Updated Edition
The Politics of World Religions
Marching to the Millennium
America's Foundation in Religious Freedom
Expanded and Updated
On the Moral Theology of Charles E. Curran
An Introductory Textbook
Third Edition
Roman Catholic Perspectives
A Historical, Theological, and Ethical Analysis
Historical, Canonical, and Theological Studies
Justice and the Reality of God
Religion and Biotechnology Policy
On the Origins and Development of Karl Rahner's Metaphysics
An Approach to Moral Theology
Best Practices from Catholic Campuses
The Christian Right in the 1998 Elections
The Possibility of Christian Personalism
Reflections on Faith and Reason
An Introduction to Hindu and Buddhist Thought
The Classical Theories
The Passing of the Democratic Monolith
A Concise Introduction
A Synthesis
Reflections in a Jesuit Idiom
A Guide to the Subject
Ethics, Metaphysics, and Politics in the Thought of Germain Grisez
A Dialogue on Evangelium Vitae
Race, Reaction, and the Paranoid Style in American Politics
A Theological Analysis
Fourth Edition
Three Different Approaches
Classical Ethics for Ordinary Lives
A Dilemma for Democracy
An Introduction to the Themes and Foundations of Karl Rahner's Theology
Ignatian Spirituality in Everyday Life
Catholics and Catholicism in the National Capital, 1787-1860
A Dialogue on Ex Corde Ecclesiae
The Intellectual Contribution of El Salvador's Murdered Jesuits
Ignatian Spirituality in Everyday Life
Third Edition
Moral Reasoning, Religious Hope, and National Security
Catholics, Jesuits, and Higher Education in the Twentieth Century
The Social Teaching of the Papal Encyclicals 1740-1989
A Two-Volume Set
Volumes 1 and 2
A Geography of Crisis
Psychological Perspectives on Religious Experience
Texts for Prayer and Reflection in the Lenten and Easter Seasons