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Religion and Politics series

Mark J. Rozell, John C. Green, and Ted G. Jelen, series editors

This series is no longer accepting new manuscripts.

Confessional Culture and the Limits of Integration
Religious Freedom, Sexual Freedom, and Public Expressions of Civic Equality
Transnational Religious Communities and the Making of US Foreign Policy
Church-State Relations in American Politics
Second Edition
Religion and Civic Responsibility in America
The Dynamic Tension Between Faith and Power
The Political Influence of Catholic Priests
Conservative Evangelicals and the League of Nations
Faith and Politics in the American Religious Mosaic
Civic Charity and the Making of America--Winthrop, Jefferson, and Lincoln
Liberal Democracy and the Religious Axis
The Christian Right and the 2004 Elections
Comparative Perspectives
Welfare-to-Work in Los Angeles
God, Sex, and the U.S. House of Representatives
The Politics of George W. Bush's Faith-Based Initiatives
The Christian Right in Local Politics
Marching to the Millennium