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A Stress-Based Approach with CD-ROM
Vacant Land and Urban Strategies
The Theology of Ignacio Ellacuría
Trust and the Politics of Implementation
Second Edition, Revised and Updated
The Christian Right in Local Politics
Reform and Renewal in the Catholic Community
Multimodal Discourse Analysis
A Contemporary Approach to a Veiled Text
Second Edition
New Strategies for Local Governments
Elements of a Grand Strategy
Poems Translated from Arabic
Accommodating Pluralism
Ethical Issues in Managed Mental Health Care
From Seminal Works to Contemporary Explorations
A Comparative Analysis
Politics, Human Rights, and Christian Ethics
Beyond the Digital Divide
The Politics of Divestment in the United States and Germany
Political Decision Making in Modern Democracies
Security Challenges in the 21st Century
Religious Voices on Stem Cells and Cloning
Second Edition
The Cost of Longing
Religion and International Politics
Making Peace and Doing Justice After Civil Conflict
Expanded and Updated Edition
The Politics of World Religions
Marching to the Millennium
State of the Science
Spanish as a Heritage Language in the United States, Research and Practice
Coercion and Constraints in a Liberal Society
Revised and Expanded Edition
The Politics of Pain in the United States and Canada
Restoring America's Rivers
America's Foundation in Religious Freedom
Expanded and Updated
Linguistics, Language, and the Real World: Discourse and Beyond
American Disability Policy and the Fight for Equality
RFK and the Renewal of Hope
America's Peculiar Democracy
A Study in Ideology
On the Moral Theology of Charles E. Curran
Organized Interests, Political Power, and the Common Good
Insights of the Ancient Greeks
Second Edition
A Course in Spanish Linguistics
Second Edition
National versus State Natural Resource Policy
Professional Principles and Practical Applications
Second Edition
An Introductory Textbook
Third Edition
From Dolly to Stem Cells
A New Logic for Empirical Research
Education, Journalism, Law, Medicine, and Technology
Roman Catholic Perspectives
A Historical, Theological, and Ethical Analysis
Incrementalism, Worldview, and the Rule of Law
An Introduction
Virtue Ethics and Orthodox Christianity
The Devil in Devolution
Historical, Canonical, and Theological Studies
The Narrative Foundations of Public Administration Research
An Introduction to Natural Law Ethics
The Fault versus No-Fault Insurance Debate
The State of Myanmar
Semantics, Syntax, Phonology, Pragmatics, Social Situations, Ethnographic Approaches
Justice and the Reality of God
Religion and Biotechnology Policy
Bilingual Education and Official English, Ebonics and Standard English, Immigration and the Unz Initiative
Institutions and Interests
Kantian Philosophy, Environmental Policy, and the Law
Civic Duty or Military Liability?
Politics and Policymaking at the New Century
Political Leadership, National Identity, and the Dilemmas of Diversity