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Meditations on Spirituality and the Healing Arts
Lexical and Stylistic Developments
The Christian Right and the 2004 Elections
Comparative Perspectives
Welfare-to-Work in Los Angeles
Human Nature and Spiritual Exercises in Xunzi and Augustine
Religion, Medicine, and Moral Anthropology
The Social Witness of U.S. Catholicism
Accountability, Complexity, and Democratic Values
Federalism and the National Education Agenda
Policy Choices in the American States
Constancy and Change in Public Administration
Negation, Tense, and Clausal Architecture
An Introduction to Spirituality in Health Care
Politics, Discrimination, and the Search for Justice
Memoir of a Catholic Theologian
Reflections on Moral Dilemmas Since Vatican II
Politics and Public Opinion in America's School Districts
God, Sex, and the U.S. House of Representatives
A Textbook for Arabic: Part Two
Second Edition
Religion, Values, and Society in American Life
Participation, Justice, and Change
Methods, Theory, and Practice
Second Edition
Immigration and National Identity in an Age of Terror
A Comparative Study
Ethical Principles for Research with Human Subjects
Commentaries and Interpretations
The Human Right to Adequate Food
A Doctor's Education
Policy Analysis in the States
Ethics and State Politics
Cognitive and Discourse Perspectives on Language and Language Learning
Street-Level Bureaucrats and Welfare Reform
The Moral Bonds of Community
Revised Edition
The Ecumenical Church and Human Rights
Practices and Programs
Analyzing Management and Administration
Teoría y práctica de la pronunciación del español con audio
Diversity and Drift
Some Psychological and Neurological Constraints on Theories of Grammar
The Laity and Governance of the Catholic Church
Patient Safety and Policy Reform
The Case That Changed the Face of Human Rights
Structures, Functions, and Varieties
Revised Edition
A Textbook for Beginning Arabic: Part One
Second Edition
Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation
An Interbranch Perspective
An Introduction to State Budgeting
Second Edition, Updated
Pluralism and Casuistry in Bioethics
Concepts in Medicine
The Politics of George W. Bush's Faith-Based Initiatives
A Stress-Based Approach with CD-ROM
Vacant Land and Urban Strategies
The Theology of Ignacio Ellacuría
Trust and the Politics of Implementation
Second Edition, Revised and Updated
The Christian Right in Local Politics
Reform and Renewal in the Catholic Community
Multimodal Discourse Analysis
A Contemporary Approach to a Veiled Text
Second Edition
Narratives of Ethics and Illness
Elements of a Grand Strategy
Ethical Issues in Managed Mental Health Care
From Seminal Works to Contemporary Explorations
A Comparative Analysis
Politics, Human Rights, and Christian Ethics
Beyond the Digital Divide
Political Decision Making in Modern Democracies
Security Challenges in the 21st Century
Religious Voices on Stem Cells and Cloning
Second Edition
The Cost of Longing
Religion and International Politics