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New Developments in Theory, Methods, and Practice
How Much Freedom? Whose Responsibility?
A Hastings Center Introduction to Bioethics
Second Edition
An Introduction
Citizen Rationality and the NIMBY Syndrome
The Narrative Foundations of Public Administration Research
The Domestic Sources of U.S. Trade Policy
An Ecumenical Dialogue
The Possibility of Christian Personalism
The Moral Mind at Work
Meeting the Challenges in Patient Care
Reflections on Faith and Reason
The Cultural and Ideological Setting
Ethical Viewpoints in the Catholic Tradition
Ideas, Institutions, and Public Policy in North America
Two Views
An Introduction to Hindu and Buddhist Thought
The Classical Theories
The Passing of the Democratic Monolith
Sources of Catholic Teachings
Third Edition
The End of the Anathemas
Interest Group Coalitions in Legislative Politics
Moral Lessons from the Shoah and Jewish Tradition
A Synthesis
A Concise Introduction
Reflections in a Jesuit Idiom
How the New Neuroscience Will Change Our Lives and Our Politics
A Casebook
The Forgotten Issues in Health Care Reform
Whither Federalism?
A Reader
Second Edition
Patient Autonomy and Clinician Beneficence within Health Care
Second Edition
A Guide to the Subject
Ethical and Social Implications
General Revenue Sharing and Cities
The Politics of Intergenerational Goods
Discretion and Legitimacy in Front-Line Public Service
How Local Heroes Are Transforming American Government
Justice and Discourse in Christian Morality
Virtue Ethics and Orthodox Christianity
A Documentary History
Social Policy Analysis in the White House, Congress, and the Federal Agencies
The Economic Consequences of Judeo-Christian Values
Ethics, Metaphysics, and Politics in the Thought of Germain Grisez
Ethical Foundations for Policy Analysis
The Challenge to Equality
Studies on Al-Khalil ibn Ahmad
Ethics and Outcomes Data in Context
Conflict and Cooperation in Environmental Regulation
The New Politics of State Regulation
Agenda Setting, Public Policy, and Focusing Events
A Dialogue on Evangelium Vitae
Models and Methods
NAFTA and the Future of Environmental Politics
A Critical Reader
The Transformation of the Korean Presidency and Bureaucracy
Communitarian and Casuist Bioethics
Race, Reaction, and the Paranoid Style in American Politics
A Theological Analysis
Fourth Edition
Analysis and Discourse
Religious Commitment in Health Care
Three Different Approaches
Readings in American Political and Social Thought
Moral and Policy Challenges of Long Acting Birth Control
Leadership Agendas in Congress and the "Contract With America"
Current Trends and Future Prospects
Property Rights and the Ownership of Human Biological Materials
Institutional Contexts, Policy Issues, and Intergovernmental Relations in Japan and the United States
Classical Ethics for Ordinary Lives
Interpreting Policy and Organizational Actions
An Introduction to Ethics
Pacifism and Quietism in the Abrahamic Traditions
Revised Edition
Studies in Honor of Carlos P. Otero
A Dilemma for Democracy
An Emic Approach
The Coming Health Care Challenges
Should the State Intervene?
Second Edition