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The Intellectual Contribution of El Salvador's Murdered Jesuits
with Cumulative Index
Ignatian Spirituality in Everyday Life
Third Edition
Moral Reasoning, Religious Hope, and National Security
Catholics, Jesuits, and Higher Education in the Twentieth Century
Philosophical and Cultural Aspects
Support in Religious Traditions for a Global Struggle
The Social Teaching of the Papal Encyclicals 1740-1989
The Interdependece of Theory, Practice and Research
A Two-Volume Set
Volumes 1 and 2
Faculty Reflections on the University's Future
Sociolinguistic Issues
Leitura Jornalística
Theoretical and Applied Perspectives
Lessons from the Past with a View Toward the Future
The New Praxis of Freedom
A Geography of Crisis
Manuel de composition et guide pratique à l'usage des étudiants anglophones
Second Edition
The American Debate and Its European Roots
The Word Becomes Flesh
Psychological Perspectives on Religious Experience
Texts for Prayer and Reflection in the Lenten and Easter Seasons
The Social Philosophy of John Courtney Murray
A Diachronic View
vol. 2
A Synchronic View
vol. 1
Text and Talk
A Generative View
Current Trends and Prospects
Textbook for Beginning Arabic with Website
Third Edition, Teacher's Edition
Textbook for Intermediate Arabic with Website
Third Edition, Teacher's Edition
Fall/Winter 2013
Volume 33, No. 2
The official vocabulary study aid for Alif Baa and Al-Kitaab