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Moral Traditions series

Series Editors
David Cloutier, Mount St. Mary’s
Kristin Heyer, Boston College
Andrea Vicini, SJ, Boston College

In an age that questions the search for foundations, the study of traditions has opened new paths of scholarly reflection. At the same time, we are divided by the diverse traditions that have shaped us, our different cultures, and our separate communities. Tradition provokes both creativity and authority, puzzlement and reassurance, rigidity and renewal. The richness of the idea of tradition thus provides a worthwhile focus for an inquiry into Christian ethics.

The Moral Traditions series explores the long-standing claims that fundamental moral theology and Christian social ethics make on our lives. It publishes systematic scholarly accounts of major themes in Christian ethics as a way of critically examining those insights that shape Christian lives and communities today.

To that end, some books in the series scrutinize key concepts from significant writers whose works continue to influence contemporary Christian ethics. Others study whether a significant insight long latent in our moral traditions deserves fuller recognition. Still others examine how particular communities once shaped by key practices now look to redefine their ethical commitments in a more pressing world. And finally, some compare elements of other moral traditions with Christian ones. The Press believes this series provides a more precise understanding of moral traditions and their contribution to contemporary life. The broad scope of the series and the complexity of the approach makes these books of wide interest to scholars in ethics, theology, religious studies, and philosophy.

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