ACTFL 2016

Cultural Chinese

Cultural Chinese: Readings in Art, Literature, and History is an advanced language textbook with a new approach to cultural integration and immersion.

Spanish as a Heritage Language in the United States

There is growing interest in heritage language learners—individuals who have a personal or familial connection to a nonmajority language.

Arabic Language and Linguistics

Arabic, one of the official languages of the United Nations, is spoken by more than half a billion people around the world and is of increasing importance in today's political and economic spheres.

Working Portuguese for Beginners

This is the Teacher's Edition of Working Portuguese for Beginners.


Designed to cover beginning college levels of language instruction, Uzbek: An Elementary Textbook provides learners and instructors with a wide selection of materials and task-oriented act

Teaching Spanish Grammar with Pictures

Teaching Spanish Grammar with Pictures is a valuable tool for teachers looking for a way to show students how grammar produces meaning.

Working Mandarin for Beginners

This is the Teacher's Edition of Working Mandarin for Beginners.

Sociolingüistica y pragmática del español

This book provides a clear and comprehensive overview of sociolinguistics and the pragmatics of oral communication in Spanish.

Gramática para la composición

Integrating grammar and composition, this comprehensive new edition guides the advanced student through progressively more complex types of writing by organizing the grammar lessons on a functional

En una palabra, Sevilla, España

En una palabra is a unique interactive tool to help students learn about Spanish culture while increasing vocabulary and listening skills.

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