Women in Combat

Women have been actively involved the United States military for more than fifty years, but the ban on their participation in combat remains a hotly debated issue.

An Argument for Same-Sex Marriage

The relationship between religious belief and sexuality as personal attributes exhibits some provocative comparisons.

The Sanctity of Human Life

Heated debates are not unusual when confronting tough medical issues where it seems that moral and religious perspectives often erupt in conflict with philosophical or political positions.

The Government Taketh Away

Democratic government is about making choices. Sometimes those choices involve the distribution of benefits.

The Banality of Good and Evil

People who helped exterminate Jews during the shoah (Hebrew for "holocaust") often claimed that they only did what was expected of them.

Sports Medicine for Parents and Coaches

From five-year-olds playing T-ball to teenagers showing off their inline skating skills, kids love participating in sports.

Politics in the Parish

For well over a century the Catholic Church has articulated clear positions on many issues of public concern, particularly economics, capital punishment, foreign affairs, sexual morality, and abort

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