Alif Baa

The best-selling Alif Baa is the first volume of the Al-Kitaab Arabic language program third edition is now available as a multimedia textbook with added functionality and ease of use

Al-Kitaab fii Tacallum al-cArabiyya Part One

This multimedia textbook includes Al-Kitaab: A Textbook for Beginning Arabic: Part One, Third Edition and a Companion Website Access Key for Al-Kitaab Part One, Third Edition.

Haki bil-Libnani

Haki bil-Libnani provides students of Arabic with an opportunity to acquire substantial and systematic proficiency in Lebanese dialect and culture, and is designed to work either on its own

Haki bil-Libnani

This is the Teacher's Edition of Haki bil-Libnani: Lebanese Arabic Online Textbook and Companion Website to Al-Kitaab Part One, Third Edition.

Al-Kitaab fii Ta<sup>c</sup>allum al-<sup>c</sup>Arabiyya with DVD

This second edition includes one DVD bound into the book that feature contextualized vocabulary, cultural background and illustrations, and new listening comprehension materials with each lesson.

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