This issue of the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs focuses on the topic of "Social Media & Social Activism." While the jury is still out on the degree to which social media

In 2007 Georgetown University established the CyberProject under the auspices of the Institute for Law, Science & Global Security.

In 1950 six nations created the European Coal and Steel Community, laying the foundations for what would later become the European Union.

A great deal has transpired in the cyber realm during the past year.

The international system and the individual nation states that comprise it face crucial decisions regarding both the means and methods employed to supply energy to the globe's seven billion human i

According to the United Nations, 9.6 billion people will inhabit our planet by 2050.

The latest round of leadership changes at the IMF and the World Bank has generated increasingly intense criticism of the tacit Western hold on governance of these institutions.

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