International Institutions and Power Politics

This book moves scholarly debates beyond the old question of whether or not international institutions matter in order to examine how they matter, even in a world of power politics.

Everyday Ethics

What might we learn if the study of ethics focused less on hard cases and more on the practices of everyday life?

Spy Sites of New York City

Through every era of American history, New York City has been a battleground for international espionage, where secrets are created, stolen, and passed through clandestine meetings and covert commu

All God's Animals

The book is the first of its kind to draw together into conversation the views of the early Church, contemporary biblical and theological scholarship, and post-conciliar teachings in order to devel

Humanity in Crisis

The major humanitarian crises of recent years are well known: the Shoah, the killing fields of Cambodia, the Rwandan genocide, the massacre in Bosnia, and the tsunami in Southeast Asia, not to ment

On tourne!

On tourne! is a one-semester, advanced French textbook (5th/6th semester of instruction) designed to be used as a stand-alone text for a course on French and francophone films or for a Frenc

Surrogate Warfare

Surrogate Warfare explores the emerging phenomenon of "surrogate warfare" in twenty-first century conflict.

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