Intelligence History

Japanese Foreign Intelligence and Grand Strategy

Incisive insights into the distinctive nature of Japanese foreign intelligence and grand strategy, its underlying norms, and how they have changed over time

Geospatial Intelligence

A riveting introduction to the complex and evolving field of geospatial intelligence.

The Nazi Spy Ring in America

The first full account of Nazi spies in 1930s America and how they were exposed.

Spy Sites of Philadelphia

An illustrated guide to the history of espionage in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley.

Transforming US Intelligence for Irregular War

When Joint Special Operations Command deployed Task Force 714 to Iraq in 2003, it faced an adversary unlike any it had previously encountered: al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).

Spy Sites of New York City

Through every era of American history, New York City has been a battleground for international espionage, where secrets are created, stolen, and passed through clandestine meetings and covert commu

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