American Power and Liberal Order

Paul D. Miller offers a tough minded critique of recent trends in American grand strategy. He rejects retrenchment but also the excesses of liberal internationalism.

Oil, the State, and War

A comprehensive challenge to prevailing understanding of international implications of oil wealth that shows why it can create bad actors

After the End of History

Intimate access to the mind of Francis Fukuyama and his reflections on world politics, his life and career, and the evolution of his thought

Diplomacy and the Future of World Order

Three scenarios for future approaches to peace and conflict diplomacy, explored through the lens of regional perspectives and security threats

Voices of the Border

Powerful personal accounts from migrants crossing the US-Mexico border provide an understanding of their experiences, as well as the consequences of public policy

Career Diplomacy

An all-new edition of the candid insiders' guide to the US Foreign Service as an institution, a profession, and a career

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