Security Studies

In 2007 Georgetown University established the CyberProject under the auspices of the Institute for Law, Science & Global Security.

A great deal has transpired in the cyber realm during the past year.

China's rise is changing the dynamics of the international system.

As India emerges as a significant global actor, diverse states have sought to engage India with divergent agendas and interests.

Sino-Japanese relations have been repeatedly strained by the territorial dispute over a group of small islands, known as the Senkaku islands in Japan and the Diaoyu islands in China.

Negotiating a peaceful end to civil wars, which often includes an attempt to bring together former rival military or insurgent factions into a new national army, has been a frequent goal of conflic

This sweeping history of the development of professional, institutionalized intelligence examines the implications of the fall of the state monopoly on espionage today and beyond.

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