Português Contemporâneo II: Audiocassettes (10)

Audiocassettes to accompany Portugues Contemporaneo II.

Português Contemporâneo I: Audiocassettes (11)

Audiocassettes to accompany Portugues Contemporaneo I.

Português Contemporâneo II

This second volume of the basic Portuguese course contains additional readings for vocabulary refinement and development of cultural knowledge.

Português Contemporâneo I

This is the first volume of a basic course organized around the concept that to learn another language is to internalize another set of linguistic rules.

Passive Sentences in English and Portuguese

This study analyzes passive sentences in English and Portuguese which result from a post-semantic transformation applied when a nound, which does not play the semantic role of actor, is chosen as s

Cartas e Cronicas

Cartas e Cronicas contains three dozen selections form Brazilian newspapers accompanied by vocabulary lists and comprehension exercises.

A Contrastive Phonology of Portuguese and English

Compares the sounds, phonology, and prosody of General American English and Southeastern Brazilian Portuguese.

DVD for Working Portuguese for Beginners

Have you lost or damaged the DVD that came with Working Portuguese for Beginners (ISBN 9781589016385)? Now you can purchase an individual DVD to replace it for just $9.95.

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