Language Teacher Education

Teaching Languages in Blended Synchronous Learning Classrooms

Blended synchronous learning (BSL), where some students are present in a physical classroom while others participate online in real time, has been gaining momentum and shows great potential for tea

Brave New Digital Classroom

Robert Blake, now with Gabriel Guillén, updates his successful book (1st ed. 2008, 2nd ed. 2013) on how to teach foreign languages using technology.

The Art of Teaching Russian

A comprehensive guide to Russian-language instruction combining the latest research, pedagogy, and practice.

Online World Language Instruction Training and Assessment

A new approach to training and evaluating world languages online instructors

Integrating the Digital Humanities into the Second Language Classroom

Second language classrooms provide unique opportunities for intellectual growth, cognitive skill development, and cultural exchange.

Integrating Career Preparation into Language Courses

Integrating Career Preparation into Language Courses provides foreign and second language teachers with easy and practical additions they can make to their existing curricula to help their s

Community-Based Language Learning

Community-based Language Learning offers a new framework for world language educators interested in integrating community-based language learning (CBLL) into their teaching and curricula.

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