Public Policy (US)

Interest Groups and Health Care Reform across the United States

Universal health care was on the national political agenda for nearly a hundred years until a comprehensive (but not universal) health care reform bill supported by President Obama passed in 2010.

Pathways of Power

While civics textbooks describe an idealized model of "how a bill becomes law;" journalists often emphasize special interest lobbying and generous campaign contributions to Congress; and other text

Defining Death

New technologies and medical treatments have complicated questions such as how to determine the moment when someone has died.

Women in Combat

Women have been actively involved the United States military for more than fifty years, but the ban on their participation in combat remains a hotly debated issue.

The Government Taketh Away

Democratic government is about making choices. Sometimes those choices involve the distribution of benefits.

Lobbying Together

Today organized interests fight most of their major battles within coalitions.

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