The Catholic Moral Tradition Today

The Catholic tradition has always tried to explain its theology in a coherent and systematic way, but the great changes and tensions existing within Catholic moral theology today have made it diffi

The Catholic Ethic and the Spirit of Community

Starting where Max Weber's The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism left off, John E.

That They Be One

A comprehensive historical study of the complete content and overall coherence of two and a half centuries of papal instructions that have variously aroused worldwide interest, scorn, fury, reactio

Saints and Feasts of the Liturgical Year

Revised and updated edition of the perennial Georgetown University Press classic, Saints of the Liturgical Year, this beautiful and comfortably sized guide is compact, but brimming with in

Natural Law and Moral Inquiry

Germain Grisez has been a leading voice in moral philosophy and theology since the Second Vatican Council. In this book, such major thinkers as John Finnis, Ralph McInerny, and William E.

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