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You can find complete tables of contents, and typically sample chapters, for most Georgetown University Press titles on the individual web page for each title. This page compiles links to Instructor’s Manuals, Teacher’s Editions, Audio Files, and other materials useful for instructors that are using, or considering the use of, Georgetown University Press titles in their classrooms. 

Advanced Media Arabic, Second Edition

Affaires globales 

Alif Baa, Third EditionTeacher's Edition

Al-Kitaab Part One, Third Edition, Teacher's Edition

Al-Kitaab Part Two, Third Edition


Al-Samt wa-al-Sakhab

Arabic as One Language

NOTE: Not all chapters have additional resources.

A Basic Course in Moroccan Arabic

Beginning Hindi

Beginning Urdu

Cien años de identidad

Comme on dit

Confucius’s Analects

Cultural Chinese

Dari: An Elementary Textbook

De la oración simple a la oración compuesta

En otras palabras, tercera edición 

En otras palabras, segunda edición 


Fonología generativa contemporánea de la lengua española, segunda edición


Formal Spoken Arabic Basic Course, Second Edition

Gramática para la composición, tercera edición

Hoda Barakat's Sayyidi wa Habibi


Intelligence in the National Security Enterprise


An Introduction to Moroccan Arabic and Culture

Je me souviens

Learning French from Spanish and Spanish from French

Mastering Chinese through Global Debate

Mastering English through Global Debate

Mastering Russian through Global Debate

Mastering Spanish through Global Debate

Mieux écrire en français

Modern Iraqi Arabic

Online World Languages Instruction and Assessment

On tourne!


Rodnaya rech'

  • Instructor Resources [zipped folder]
  • Student Self-Study Guide [zipped folder]
  • Sonido y sentido

    Sons et sens

    Top 1,300 Words for Understanding Media Arabic

    Working Mandarin for Beginners

    Working Portuguese for Beginners

    Write Arabic Now!