Christian and Muslim Perspectives
Commentaries and Interpretations
Second Edition
Christian Ethical Reflections
A Causal Reading
Christian and Muslim Perspectives
From Silence to Condemnation of a Weapon of War
Lessons of Resistance from Nonviolent Activists
Religion, Policy, and Counter-narratives
The Lost History of Prosecuting Axis War Crimes
Tradition, Theory, and Society
Nicaea I to Lateran V
Trent to Vatican II
The Case for Choice
Historical Legacies and Contemporary Challenges
Cases, Concepts, and the Virtue of Prudence
Fourth Edition
Spring/Summer 2016
Volume 36, No. 1
Mediating the Personal and the Political in a Divided Church
Christian and Muslim Perspectives
Law, Religion, and Morality
Economic Excess in a Consumer Age
L'Arche, Medical Ethics, and Christian Friendship
The Fundamental Questions of Our Lives
Christian and Muslim Perspectives
The Global Footprint of Lebanon's Party of God
A Season of Rebirth?
From Apoliticism to Transnational Jihadism
Religious Values and American Democracy
Contraception and the Catholic Church
Christian and Muslim Perspectives
Sustainability, Social Justice, and Religious Creativity
Christian and Muslim Perspectives
A New Genealogy of Human Rights
The Points of Conflict
A Christian Ethic of Immigration
Christian and Muslim Perspectives
Fostering Autonomy and Solidarity in American Society
Christianity, Ecology, and the Variety of Life
Toward a Renewed Catholic Anthropology
Participation, Justice, and Change
A Contemporary Approach to a Veiled Text
Second Edition
A Historical, Theological, and Ethical Analysis
A Concise Introduction
A Two-Volume Set
Volumes 1 and 2