Al-'Arabiyya, Volume 49

Journal of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic. Volume 49

Mohammad T. Alhawary, Editor

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Al-'Arabiyya is the annual journal of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic and serves scholars in the United States and abroad. Al-'Arabiyya includes scholarly articles and reviews that advance the study, research, and teaching of Arabic language, linguistics, literature, and pedagogy.

Table of Contents

Editor's Note

Crosslinguistic Effects in L2 Acquisition: The Case of Arabic Determiner Phrase
Mahmoud Azaz

Community-Based Arabic Practicum
Jeremy Palmer

"Am I Arab? Not Arab?": The Performance of Stance through the Deictic Construction of Identity
Brahim Chakrani

Language Attitudes toward the Rural and Urban Varieties in North Jordan
Basem Ibrahim Malawi Al-Raba'a

Diachronic Dialect Classification with Demonstratives
Alexander Magidow

Language Evaluation: Classical Arabic Approaches
Abdulkareem Said Ramadan

Learning Arabic through Literature: Resources, Approaches, and Opportunities
Johanna Sellman

Book Reviews:
Teaching and Learning Arabic as a Foreign Language: A Guide for Teachers
Karin C. Ryding
Reviewed by Mahdi Alosh

Leg over Leg. Ahmad Faris-al-Shidyaq; Humphrey Davies, ed. and trans.
Reviewed by Marilyn Booth

Arabic Language and Linguistics. Reem Bassiouney and E. Graham Katz, eds.
Reviewed by Maher Awad

Fundamentals of Arabic Grammar. Mohammed Sawaie
Reviewed by Jamal Ali

Arabic: A Linguistic Introduction. Karin Ryding
Reviewed by Jonathan Owens

Arabic Stories for Language Learners: Traditional Middle Eastern Tales in Arabic and English. Hezi Brosh and Lutfi Mansour
Reviewed by Jeremy Palmer

Language and Identity in Modern Egypt. Reem Bassiouney
Reviewed by William Cotter

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Basem Ibrahim Malawi Al-Raba'a Jamal Ali Mahdi Alosh Maher Awad Mahmoud Azaz Marilyn Booth Brahim Chakrani William M. Cotter Alexander Magidow Jonathan Owens Jeremy Palmer Abdulkareem Said Ramadan Johanna Sellman

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About the Author

Mohammad Alhawary is professor of Arabic linguistics and second language acquisition at the University of Michigan. He is the editor of the Journal of Arabic Linguistics Tradition and author of many works, including Modern Standard Arabic Grammar: A Learner's Guide, Arabic Grammar in Context, and Arabic Second Language Acquisition of Morphosyntax.

224 pp., 6 x 9
6 figures, 13 tables
Dec 2016

224 pp., 6 x 9
6 figures, 13 tables
ISBN: 978-1-62616-392-8
Dec 2016

224 pp.
6 figures, 13 tables
ISBN: 978-1-62616-393-5
Dec 2016

Volume 49

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