Diplomacy Arabic

An Essential Vocabulary

Elisabeth Kendall and Yehia A. Mohamed

A concise book of indispensable Arabic for modern diplomatic dialogue
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What is the word for peacebuilding in Arabic? How is bilateralism translated? Diplomacy Arabic is a convenient guide for Arabic language learners, featuring common terms and expressions essential for success in diplomatic communication.

Diplomacy Arabic can be used as either a comprehensive reference or a study aid. The book features more than 1,300 expressions, terms, and idioms divided into ten areas of diplomatic discourse: general terms, concepts and practices, diplomatic service and protocol, organizations, elections and government, negotiations, treaties and agreements, conflict resolution and defense, civil society and human rights, and globalization and economic development. Each chapter follows a logical learning path—for example, the section on negotiations begins with vocabulary that references types of negotiations and then addresses the players involved and the process of negotiating. An alphabetized, English-language index helps users locate relevant words quickly.

Elisabeth Kendall and Yehia A. Mohamed have created an essential vocabulary book, with words and phrases not commonly found in standard Arabic dictionaries. Reflective of the Arabic used in today’s world, Diplomacy Arabic is a must-have for skilled and relevant work in international relations in the Middle East.

Table of Contents

User Guide


1. General

2. Concepts & Practices

3. Diplomatic Service & Protocol

4. Organizations

5. Elections & Government

6. Negotiations

7. Treaties & Agreements

8. Conflict Resolution & Defence

9. Civil Society & Human Rights

10. Globalization & Economic Development



"This book is an essential resource for learners of Arabic who wish to broaden their vocabulary knowledge specific to the context of diplomacy. It fills the gap in current available resources and serves as an excellent reference for learners and teachers of Arabic. Its comprehensive lists of vocabulary are methodically organised to aid efficient and focused learning and teaching."—Rasha Kadry Soliman, lecturer in Arabic language, School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, University of Leeds


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About the Author

Elisabeth Kendall is a senior research fellow in Arabic at Pembroke College, University of Oxford. Her books include The Top 1,300 Words for Learning Media Arabic.

Yehia Mohamed
is an associate professor of Arabic and cofounder of the Arabic Program at Georgetown University in Qatar.

112 pp., 5 x 8

Aug 2020
Only for sale in the USA and Canada

112 pp., 5 x 8

ISBN: 978-1-62616-761-2
Aug 2020
Only for sale in the USA and Canada

112 pp.

ISBN: 978-1-62616-762-9
Aug 2020
Only for sale in the USA and Canada

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