Discourse and Technology

Multimodal Discourse Analysis

Philip LeVine and Ron Scollon, Editors

"a most welcome collection of papers on an as-yet-little-explored topic"
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The overarching theme of Discourse and Technology is cutting-edge in the field of linguistics: multimodal discourse. This volume opens up a discussion among discourse analysts and others in linguistics and related fields about the two-fold impact of new communication technologies: The impact on how discourse data is collected, transcribed, and analyzed—and the impact that these technologies are having on social interaction and discourse.

As inexpensive tape recorders allowed the field to move beyond text, written or printed language, to capture talk—discourse as spoken language—the information explosion (including cell phones, video recorders, Internet chat rooms, online journals, and the like) has moved those in the field to recognize that all discourse is, in various ways, "multimodal," constructed through speech and gesture, as well as through typography, layout, and the materials employed in the making of texts.

The contributors have responded to the expanding scope of discourse analysis by asking five key questions: Why should we study discourse and technology and multimodal discourse analysis? What is the role of the World Wide Web in discourse analysis? How does one analyze multimodal discourse in studies of social actions and interactions? How does one analyze multimodal discourse in educational social interactions? and, How does one use multimodal discourse analyses in the workplace? The vitality of these explorations opens windows onto even newer horizons of discourse and discourse analysis.

Table of Contents

1. Multimodal Discourse Analysis as the Confluence of Discourse and Technology
Ron Scollon and Philip LeVine

2. Ten Reasons Why Linguists Should Pay Attention to Visual Communication
Theo Van Leeuwen

3. The Problem of Context in Computer Mediated Communication
Rodney H. Jones

4. "The Way to Write a Phone Call": Multimodality in Novices' Use and Perceptions of Interactive Written Discourse (IWD)
Angela Goddard

5. Trying on Voices: Using Questions to Establish Authority, Identity, and Recipient Design in Electronic Discourse
Boyd Davis and Peyton Mason

6. Mock Taiwanese-Accented Mandarin in the Internet Community in Taiwan: The Interaction between Technology, Linguistic Practice, and Language Ideologies
Hsi-Yao Su

7. Materiality in Discourse: The Influence of Space and Layout in Making Meaning
Ingrid de Saint-Georges

8. The Multimodal Negotiation of Service Encounters
Laurent Filliettaz

9. Multimodal Discourse Analysis: A Conceptual Framework
Sigrid Norris

10. Files, Forms, and Fonts: Mediational Means and Identity Negotiation in Immigration Interviews
Alexandra Johnston

11. Modalities of Turn-Taking in Blind/Sighted Interaction: Better to Be Seen and Not Heard?
Elisa Everts

12. "Informed Consent" and Other Ethical Conundrums in Videotaping Interactions
Elaine K. Yakura

13. The Moral Spectator: Distant Suffering in September 11th Live Footage
Lilie Chouliaraki

14. Ethnography of Language in the Age of Video: "Voices" as Multimodal Constructions in Some Contexts of Religious and Clinical Authority
Joel Kuipers

15. Multimodality and New Communication Technologies
Carey Jewitt

16. Origins: A Brief Intellectual and Technological History of the Emergence of Multimodal Discourse Analysis
Frederick Erickson

17. Studying Workscapes
Marilyn Whalen and Jack Whalen with Robert Moore, Geoff Raymond, Margaret Szymanski, and Erik Vinkhuyzen


"a most welcome collection of papers on an as-yet-little-explored topic"—WORD

"Together, the authors in this volume have contributed new visions to discourse studies in information communication technologies. This volume is a relevant up-to-date collection that should be part of the discourse and multimedia communication collection in libraries around the world."—Discourse & Society


Lilie Chouliaraki Boyd Davis Ingrid de Saint-Georges Frederick Erickson Elisa Everts Laurent Filliettaz Angela Goddard Carey Jewitt Alexandra Johnston Rodney H. Jones Joel Kuipers Theo Van Leeuwen Philip LeVine Peyton Mason Sigrid Norris Robert Moore Geoff Raymond Ron Scollon Hsi-Yao Su Margaret Szymanski Erik Vinkhuyzen Jack Whalen Marilyn Whalen Elaine K. Yakura

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240 pp., 6 x 9

Feb 2004

240 pp., 6 x 9

ISBN: 978-1-58901-101-4
Feb 2004

240 pp.

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Feb 2004

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