En una palabra, Puebla, México

A CD-ROM for Exploring Culture in Spanish

Emmanuel Paris-Bouvret, Ana Pérez-Gironés, and Octavio Flores-Cuadra

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En una palabra is a unique interactive tool to help students learn about Spanish culture while increasing vocabulary and listening skills. Students experience the program through a series of video segments in which fifteen residents of Puebla—of varying ages and sociocultural backgrounds—define the same ten concepts:

amigos (friends)
familia (family)
trabajo (work)
país (country)
libertad (freedom)
éxito (success)
orgullo (pride)
individualismo (individualism)
ambicíon (ambition)
felicidad (happiness)

While these words are easily translatable into any language, the definitions offered by the speakers reveal the diverse nature of culture and how words convey individual and collective values, which are not always obvious.

This program is a resource flexible enough to fit into almost any curriculum by setting appropriate tasks and expectations. Especially for students at the intermediate level and beyond, En una palabra can assist in understanding how cultural values are reflected in a language.

The CD-ROM includes the following features to assist students' cultural comprehension:
• transcription of each video
• selective glossary
• information about Puebla, México, and its region
• web links for further exploration
• information about the local dialect
• easy navigation

There is also a free, online instructor's manual that offers suggestions for using the CD-ROM in the classroom at different levels. The content is presented entirely in Spanish and plays on both PCs and Macs, using the free program QuickTime.

Language labs that purchase a copy of En una palabra, Puebla, México will automatically receive rights to (a) post an electronic copy of the CD-ROM on a secure (password-protected) network for use by current students and faculty at their institution; and (b) loan the number of purchased copies to students. For other permissions, please contact the press.

Technical Requirements
Windows XP with SP2 or higher
Intel Pentium 4 processor or equivalent
512 MB of RAM
QuickTime 7 or higher

OS 10.4 or higher
PowerMac G3 or higher or Intel processor
512 MB of RAM
Quicktime 7 or higher

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About the Author

Emmanuel Paris-Bouvret is the director of the Language Resource Center at Wesleyan University.

Ana Pérez-Gironés is an adjunct professor of Romance Languages & Literatures at Wesleyan University.

Octavio Flores-Cuadra is an adjunct associate professor of Romance Languages & Literatures at Wesleyan University.

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ISBN: 978-1-58901-647-7
Mar 2010

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Mar 2010


Mar 2010

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