Ethics, Trust, and the Professions

Philosophical and Cultural Aspects

Edmund D. Pellegrino, Robert M. Veatch, and John P. Langan, SJ

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The essays in Ethics, Trust, and the Professions probe the nature of the fiduciary relationship that binds client to lawyer, believer to minister, and patient to doctor. Angles of approach include history, sociology, philosophy, and culture, and their very multiplicity reveals how difficult we find it to formulate a code of ethics which will insure a relationship of trust between the professional and the public.

Table of Contents


I. The Concept of the Fiduciary Relation

The Politics of Trust in American Health Care
Daniel M. Fox

The Fiduciary Relationship and the Nature of Professions
Robert Sokolowski

The Phenomenon of Trust and the Patient-Physician Relationship
Richard M. Zaner

Trust and Distrust in Professional Ethics
Edmund D. Pellegrino

II. What Does Trust Require?

The Physician's Knowledge and the Patient's Best Interest
Allen Buchanan

Fact and Values in the Physician-Patient Relationship
Dan W. Brock

Are There Virtues Inherent in a Profession?
Gilbert Meilaender

Is Trust of Professionals a Coherent Concept?
Robert M. Veatch

III. The Sociocultural Setting of the Professions

Professions, Professors, and Competing Obligations
Samuel Gorovitz

Nourishing Professionalism
Eliot Freidson

Professional Paradigms
John Langan

IV. Fiduciary Relationship: Several World Views

Fiduciary Relationships and the Medical Profession: A Japanese Point of View
Rihito Kimura

The Fiduciary Relationship between Professionals and Clients: A Chinese Perspective
Ren-zong Qiu

Professional Organizations and Professional Ethics: A European View
Hans-Martin Sass



Dan W. Brock Allen Buchanan Daniel M. Fox Eliot Freidson Samuel Gorovitz Rihito Kimura John Langan Gilbert Meilaender Edmund D. Pellegrino Ren-zong Qiu Hans-Martin Sass Robert Sokolowski Robert M. Veatch Richard M. Zaner

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Congratulations to Robert M. Veatch, 2008 recipient of the American Society of Bioethics and the Humanities Lifetime Achievment Award.

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300 pp., 6 x 9

Jan 1991

300 pp., 6 x 9

ISBN: 978-0-87840-513-8
Jan 1991

300 pp.

Jan 1991

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