Formal Spoken Arabic FAST Course with MP3 Files

Karin C. Ryding and Abdelnour Zaiback
Foreword by David Mehall

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This Arabic language-learning classic is now enhanced with a bound-in CD of MP3 files. Designed to provide beginners in Arabic with maximum linguistic and cultural exposure in a short period (about 100 hours of contact time), this book consists of sixteen lessons with dialogs and exercises dealing with day-to-day scenarios: greeting people, getting a taxi, making phone calls, asking directions, discussing the weather, and effectively communicating with police and duty officers. The lessons help the reader to navigate situations at gas stations, marketplaces, restaurants, and in their own households.

Formal Spoken Arabic (FSA) is a kind of lingua franca that is more natural than speaking Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), the literary form of the language. FSA uses the shared features of the various urban colloquial dialects, defaulting to Levantive (terms common to Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan) where the spoken dialects diverge. Each lesson includes cultural notes on American-Arab interactions, notes on learner strategies for managing Arabic conversations with a limited amount of language, and grammar explanations in clear, non-technical language. Although the main dialogue for each lesson is presented in Arabic script, transcriptions are used to accelerate spoken performance. The FAST Course includes grammatical explanations, English-Arabic and Arabic-English glossaries, appendices listing common idioms, courtesy expressions and other useful terms, instructor's notes, and drills aided and accompanied by the CD.

Originally created for diplomats, this is an expanded and enhanced edition of a work originally developed by the U.S. State Department as a six-week intensive, or "FAST" (Familiarization and Short-Term) course, and is easily adaptable for students in Middle East area studies. Travelers heading for posts in the Arab world who quickly need to gain a basic ability to converse in day-to-day situations will find Formal Spoken Arabic FAST Course an invaluable companion.

Table of Contents


Notes for the Instructor

Notes & Introduction for Students

The Arabic Alphabet

Lesson One: Who are You?

Lesson Two: Taxi

Lesson Three: On the Phone

Lesson Four: I Need Help

Lesson Five: At the Gas Station

Lesson Six: At the Market Place

Lesson Seven: At the Restaurant

Lesson Eight: At an Arab Home

Lesson Nine: Before the Party

Lesson Ten: On the Phone

Lesson Eleven: Around the House

Lesson Twelve: The Duty Officer

Lesson Thirteen: Weather and Leisure Time

Lesson Fourteen: Problems with the Police

Appendix I: Names of the Months of the Year

Appendix II: Arabic Names of Government Ministries

Appendix III: Arab Countries and their Capital Cities

Appendix IV: Courtesy Expressions & Idioms of the Arab East

Formal Spoken Arabic FAST Course Glossaries
English / Arabic Glossary
Arabic / English Glossary




About the Author

248 pp., 7 x 10

Nov 2004

248 pp., 7 x 10

ISBN: 978-1-58901-106-9
Nov 2004

248 pp.

Nov 2004

Georgetown Classics in Arabic Languages and Linguistics series
Karin C. Ryding and Margarett Nydell

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