Introducción a la historia de la lengua española

segunda edición

Melvyn C. Resnick and Robert M. Hammond

"The strong organization of the volume allows it to be comprehensive, yet accessible"
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Introducción a la historia de la lengua española is a comprehensive introduction to the internal and external history of the Spanish language from its Indo-European ancestry to the present-day language of over 400 million people. The authors examine the phonological, morphological, syntactic, semantic, and lexical changes that characterize the evolution of Spanish from its Latin origins. But Spanish has not evolved in isolation in its spread across Spain and to Africa, the Americas, Asia, and islands of the Pacific Ocean. The foreign, sociological, and political influences that contribute to the uniqueness, diversity, and unity of a world language are essential aspects of the study of its history.

The focus of this book is modern Spanish. The authors address such fundamental questions as: Where does Spanish come from? How did it become the language we know today? How is it related genetically and culturally to other Romance and non-Romance languages? What are the effects of bilingualism in areas where Spanish coexists with other languages?

Introducción a la historia de la lengua española includes numerous exercises, a section of study questions at the end of each chapter, and an extensive bibliography. The second edition is updated and greatly expanded in scope and depth, yet it carefully maintains the structure and pedagogical approach of the first edition for use with students who have no prior background in linguistics. In advanced and graduate-level courses, the syllabus can incorporate additional assignments and sections, including the optional “Temas y datos adicionales” that accompany each chapter.

Table of Contents


Capítulo Uno. Introducción histórica

Capítulo Dos. Influencias extranjeras tempranas

Capítulos Tres. Algunos detalles

Capítulo Cuatro. Del latín al español: fonología

Capítulo Cinco. Cambios gramaticales

Capítulo Seis. Historia y dialectología

Capítulo Siete. La expansión del léxico español: historia externa y procesos internos

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"Resnick and Hammond have not only revamped the content but also added depth and quality to an already highly used and effective text… A thoroughly absorbing work from two longtime scholars in the field, this text will serve many teachers and students well as they pursue the vagaries of Spanish language history."—Hispania

"The strong organization of the volume allows it to be comprehensive, yet accessible"—Pamela Shuggi, NECTFL Review, Number 72

"The best introduction to the history of the Spanish language for the neophyte returns, adding noted phonologist Robert Hammond's collaboration to Melvyn Resnick's outstanding treatment."—Jorge Guitart, professor of Spanish linguistics, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

"Introducción a la historia de la lengua española is an excellent book and provides the best pedagogical approach the market has to offer for professors and students of the history of the Spanish language. In this second edition, Resnick and Hammond have combined the proven and effective structure and pedagogical approach of the first edition with updated content, theoretical advances, bibliographic resources, examples, and phonetic symbols. This book will be well-received by those who are familiar with the first edition, as well as by new readers.

Introducción a la historia de la lengua española es un libro excelente y provee el mejor acercamiento pedagógico en el mercado para profesores y estudiantes de la historia de la lengua española. En esta segunda edición, Resnick y Hammond han combinado la estructura y programa pedagógico probados y eficaces de la primera edición con contenido, avances teóricos, recursos bibliográficos, ejemplos y símbolos fonéticos actualizados. Este libro será bien recibido tanto por los que están familiarizados con la primera edición como por nuevos lectores."—Donny Vigil, assistant professor of Spanish linguistics, University of North Texas, Denton

"An outstanding new edition of a classic work with many enhancements, including an updated bibliography, a new section in each chapter designed to add extra material if used in a graduate course, and completely revamped exercises. This volume is an outstanding choice for anyone planning to teach a course in History of the Spanish language.

Una nueva edición sobresaliente de una obra clásica con muchos aumentos, incluso una bibliografía actualizada, una nueva sección en cada capítulo con nuevos materiales adicionales diseñada para uso por alumnos graduados, y ejercicios completamente revisados. Este libro es una elección excelente para cualquier profesor que piense enseñar un curso sobre la historia de la lengua española."—Frank Nuessel, University of Louisville


Supplemental Materials


About the Author

Melvyn C. Resnick was a professor emeritus of Spanish at The University of Tulsa.

Robert M. Hammond is a professor of linguistics and Romance languages at Purdue University.

512 pp., 7 x 10
figure, table
Oct 2011

512 pp., 7 x 10
figure, table
ISBN: 978-1-58901-732-0
Oct 2011

512 pp.
figure, table
ISBN: 978-1-62616-424-6
Oct 2011

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