Loyal Dissent

Memoir of a Catholic Theologian

Charles E. Curran

"To some Fr. Curran is a radical progressive; to others, and angry dissident. The truth is that he is neither . . . Read the book."
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Loyal Dissent is the candid and inspiring story of a Catholic priest and theologian who, despite being stripped of his right to teach as a Catholic theologian by the Vatican, remains committed to the Catholic Church. Over a nearly fifty-year career, Charles E. Curran has distinguished himself as the most well-known and the most controversial Catholic moral theologian in the United States. On occasion, he has disagreed with official church teachings on subjects such as contraception, homosexuality, divorce, abortion, moral norms, and the role played by the hierarchical teaching office in moral matters. Throughout, however, Curran has remained a committed Catholic, a priest working for the reform of a pilgrim church. His positions, he insists, are always in accord with the best understanding of Catholic theology and always dedicated to the good of the church.

In 1986, years of clashes with church authorities finally culminated in a decision by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, headed by then-Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, that Curran was neither suitable nor eligible to be a professor of Catholic theology. As a result of that Vatican condemnation, he was fired from his teaching position at Catholic University of America and, since then, no Catholic university has been willing to hire him. Yet Curran continues to defend the possibility of legitimate dissent from those teachings of the Catholic faith—not core or central to it—that are outside the realm of infallibility. In word and deed, he has worked in support of more academic freedom in Catholic higher education and for a structural change in the church that would increase the role of the Catholic community—from local churches and parishes to all the baptized people of God.

In this poignant and passionate memoir, Curran recounts his remarkable story from his early years as a compliant, pre-Vatican II Catholic through decades of teaching and writing and a transformation that has brought him today to be recognized as a leader of progressive Catholicism throughout the world.

Table of Contents


1. Beginnings

2. CUA: The Early Years

3. The Uproar over Humanae Vitae

4. Growing Tensions and Maturing Theology: The Seventies

5. Investigation and Condemnation

6. More Trials

7. Life after Condemnation

8. My Moral Theology

9. The Development of Theology in the Past Fifty Years

10. My Relationship to the Catholic Church

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"To some Fr. Curran is a radical progressive; to others, and angry dissident. The truth is that he is neither . . . Read the book."—National Catholic Reporter

"For an intellectually gifted young man like Curran, there could be no going back to a time when theologians simply submitted to ecclesiastical censorship. Whether one ultimately agrees with Curran or not, his story is a reminder that when ideas lose their intrinsic power to command assent, authority can only do so much."—Commonweal

"An inspiration. It is the story of a man totally dedicated to his vocation as theologian and priest, one who was treated harshly and unjustly and harbors no slightest touch of bitterness . . . His book is entertaining, enlightening, challenging and hope-filled."—Doctrine & Life

"Readers here encounter both an autobiographical work and a reflective memoir chronicling Curran’s evolving moral reasoning. He adroitly confronts established moral tenets with the brilliance of a scholar and the sensitivity of a seasoned pastor."—Library Journal

"Curran is a clear and engaging writer, and Loyal Dissent introduces us to many compelling personalities in the American Catholic Church, in its Roman guard, and in Catholic higher education, even as it provides us with a familial invitation into the lives of priest-professors from the 1950s to the present time."—Journal of Religion

"[Curran] thinks laypeople ought not to be powerless within their own church. In short, he believes in freedom of thought and speech within his own religion."—Fort Worth Weekly

"As this newly released memoir recounts, at a relatively young age Curran became, by choice and circumstance, the most infamous American Catholic theologian of his time."—America

"A compelling look into the machinery of one of the world's largest religious communities. Curran reflects on both his ongoing commitment to the church that condemned him and his responsibility to challenge its positions."—Science & Spirit

"The book deserves a wide readership, if not for learning about a critique of US Catholicism after Vatican II, then surely for drawing inspiration from the narrative of one moral theologian's fidelity and commitment to the best in the Catholic tradition."—The Jurist

"Charles Curran's memoir is a perfect expression of who he is: a mature, well-balanced person, without a trace of self-importance or rancor, a deeply committed Christian, and a first-rate, exceedingly productive Catholic theologian. This book deserves a wide readership not limited to theologians and students of theology. It will be of particular value for those seeking to understand more about the Christian moral life and the tensions and complexities of post-Vatican II Catholicism."—Crowley-O'Brien Professor, University of Notre Dame

"Engrossing, enlightening, salted with humor, poignant, and profoundly inspiring, this memoir recounts the journey of one of the leading theologians of the Catholic Church in this country. Curran has been at the center of historic events. His own account of things, especially the gracious charity with which he views opponents, is stunning. His stories of personal, intellectual, and spiritual choices are linked, quite unselfconsciously, with the mantra 'for truth and for the good of the church.' To borrow the title of a best-selling book, this is a heartbreaking work of staggering genius—not just human talent, but the genius of a faith-filled life. A powerful read for anyone who is active in the church today."—Elizabeth A. Johnson, CSJ, Distinguished Professor of Theology, Fordham University

"In this memoir, the reader discovers the intellect of a scholar, the clarity of a teacher, and the heart of a pastor. With the realistic sense of history, saving sense of humor, acute intelligence, and love of the Church for which he is known, Charles Curran gives witness to the meaning and cost of being called to a stance of 'faithful dissent.' His commitment to Christian discipleship and to his vocation as a Catholic theologian and priest remains an inspiration for the Church in the 21st century."—Mary Catherine Hilkert, Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame

"In his clear, direct style, Curran tells the story of his struggle with the Vatican over the legitimacy of dissent in the Catholic Church and with the Catholic University of America over academic freedom. His exploration of this history and the developments in theology since offers wisdom, understanding, and hope to those who struggle with their church and their own faith. It is a book for every thoughtful Christian, not just for theologians."—Sheila Daley, codirector and cofounder, Call To Action


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Winner of the 2007 Catholic Press Association Book Award for Biography

About the Author

Charles E. Curran, a Roman Catholic priest of the Diocese of Rochester, New York, is Elizabeth Scurlock University Professor of Human Values at Southern Methodist University. He was the first recipient of the John Courtney Murray Award for Theology and has served as president of the Catholic Theological Society of America, the Society of Christian Ethics, and the American Theological Society. In 2003, Curran received the Presidential Award of the College Theology Society for a lifetime of scholarly achievements in moral theology, and in 2005, Call to Action—a reform movement of 25,000 Catholics—presented him with its leadership award. He is the author of The Moral Theology of Pope John Paul II and Catholic Social Teaching, 1891-Present, both published by Georgetown University Press.

314 pp., 6 x 9

May 2006

314 pp., 6 x 9

ISBN: 978-1-58901-087-1
May 2006

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May 2006

Moral Traditions series
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