Teaching Spanish Grammar with Pictures

How to Use William Bull's Visual Grammar of Spanish

M. Stanley Whitley and Patricia V. Lunn

"The CD-Rom Teaching Spanish Grammar with Pictures is an excellent supplement and teaching tool that can be used during class as well as outside of class to introduce and reinforce difficult grammar points."
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Teaching Spanish Grammar with Pictures is a valuable tool for teachers looking for a way to show students how grammar produces meaning. It makes available in a digital format the full set of 406 posters designed by William Bull to illustrate grammatical contrasts in Spanish. These bold illustrations clarify difficult-to-understand points of grammar such as ser vs. estar, subjunctive vs. indicative, and preterite vs. imperfect. Originally published in 1961, the posters remain remarkably useful for explaining Spanish grammar in visual form. Bull believed that linguistics should be used in the service of language learning, and the success of The Visual Grammar of Spanish was the result of its grounding in linguistic analysis.

This reissue of Bull’s classic posters on DVD-ROM provides versatile JPEG and PDF images of all the posters to easily incorporate into Power Point presentations and worksheets. It includes an instructor’s manual on the disk that presents background on the materials, explains the concepts behind the images, and offers suggestions for ways to use them in the classroom.

Language labs that purchase a copy of Teaching Spanish Grammar with Pictures will automatically receive rights to (a) post an electronic copy of the content on a secure (password-protected) network for use by current students and faculty at their institution; and (b) loan the number of purchased copies to students. For other permissions, please contact the press.

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction

1.1 VGS: What It Is, and What It Was Intended For

1.2 Bull's Background

1.3 Three Key Ideas in Bull's Work

1.4 The Visual Grammar of Spanish

1.4.1 Conception and Development
1.4.2 His Book, Spanish for Teachers

5. Content vs. Practice: How the Baby Got Thrown Out with the Bath Water

6. The Continued Value of VGS with New Teaching Methodologies

Part II: VGS Teacher's Guide

2.1 The Use of VGS

2.1.1 Classroom Projection
2.1.2 On Handouts
2.1.3 Visual Learners and Visually Impaired Learners
2.1.4 Heritage Learners

2.2. Use of VGS Images: Commentary

Appendix: VGS by Topic




"The CD-Rom Teaching Spanish Grammar with Pictures is an excellent supplement and teaching tool that can be used during class as well as outside of class to introduce and reinforce difficult grammar points."—Hispania

"A classic resource is back, this time with teacher-friendly insights that only Whitley and Lunn could have provided. Bull's Visual Grammar of Spanish belongs in every Spanish classroom!"—Terrell Morgan, The Ohio State University

"Seasoned language teachers will be thrilled to have access once again to William Bull’s Visual Grammar of Spanish, an engaging set of timeless images that help to illustrate the way Spanish speakers organize the world around them. Whitley and Lunn contextualize these contrastive images within the larger context of Bull’s work in Spanish applied linguistics and propose creative ways to utilize these visuals, basing their ideas on contemporary theories of second language acquisition and best practices associated with the modern communicative classroom."—Barbara Lafford, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Arizona State University

"This digital edition of William Bull’s Visual Grammar of Spanish provides a user-friendly, up-to-date format for this invaluable teaching tool. The accompanying instructor’s guide provides insights into the development, linguistic underpinnings, and classroom implementation of these contrastive images, which serve as an excellent source of input for learners of Spanish regardless of the instructor’s methodological approach."—Barry L. Velleman, Marquette University


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About the Author

M. Stanley Whitley is a professor of Spanish and linguistics at Wake Forest University. He is the author of Spanish/English Contrasts: A Course in Spanish Linguistics and coauthor of Gramática para la composición, Segunda edición.

Patricia V. Lunn is a retired professor of Spanish linguistics from Michigan State University, and coauthor of Investigación de gramática, Segunda edición and En otras palabras.

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Nov 2010

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