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An Elementary Textbook
Journal of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic
Volume 46
Sustainability, Social Justice, and Religious Creativity
A Guide for Teachers
Natural Resources, Environmental Protection, and National Policy Dynamics
Street-Level Organizations and Workfare Politics
A Textbook for Beginning Arabic: Part One
Second Edition
Summer/Fall 2013
Volume 14, No. 2
Arabic-English, English-Arabic
Asia's New Battleground
Failure and Success from Pearl Harbor to 9/11 and Beyond
La prononciation du français en contexte
Teacher's Edition
A Textbook for Intermediate Arabic: Part Two
Third Edition, Student's Edition
Authority, Tradition, and Practice
Christianity, Environmental Ethics, and Ecological Restoration
La prononciation du français en contexte
Professional Responsibility in an Age of Terror
Christian and Muslim Perspectives
Winter/Spring 2013
Volume 14, No. 1
The Indian Ocean and International Security
Second Edition
Public Administration and the Legacies of Mao's Rustication Program
Spies and Espionage Outside the Anglosphere
International Engagement on Cyber II, 2012
Policy Analysis Reaches Midlife
Second Edition
An Introduction to Politics and Problems in the Islamic Republic
A New Genealogy of Human Rights
Language and New Media
Perfeccionamiento del español por medio de la traducción
segunda edición
Journal of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic
Volume 44 and 45
The State of the Field
The Art of Strategic Communication
The Points of Conflict
A Christian Ethic of Immigration
Power, Ambition, and the Ultimate Weapon
Christian and Muslim Perspectives
Fostering Autonomy and Solidarity in American Society
Threats, Opportunities, and Power in a Virtual World
Federalism, Policy Durability, and Health Reform
A Comprehensive Approach for International Security
Religious Freedom, Sexual Freedom, and Public Expressions of Civic Equality
A Primer for the Public Sector
An Introduction to State Budgeting
Third Edition
A Complete Course
Summer/Fall 2012
Volume 13, No. 2
A Theological Introduction
A Complete Course
Human Rights Treaties, Abusive States, and Citizen Activism
Readings in Art, Literature, and History
The Causes and Prevention of Civil War Recurrence
A Modern History
Welfare, Medicare, and Social Security Reform in the United States
A Critical Comparison
Strategy and Policy Choices for America's Longest War
The Financial Policies, Practices, and Health of Suburban Municipalities
Cases in British Intelligence History
Religious Leaders, Conflict, and Peacemaking
Revelation, Translation, and Interpretation in Christianity and Islam
Volumes 1 and 2
An Elementary Textbook
Volume 1
The Elusive Quest for Efficiency in Government
An Elementary Textbook
Volume 2
Christian Hope in an Age of Technological Enhancement
Twelve Essays on Faith and Academic Life
The US Army in the Iraq War
Transnational Religious Communities and the Making of US Foreign Policy
Competition and Compromise in American Interest Group Politics
An Exploration
Fears and Appetites in American Politics
A Textbook for Beginning Arabic: Part One
Third Edition, Student's Edition
The Politics of Educational Accountability
Asbestos Litigation and the Failure of Commonsense Policy Reform
Third Edition
Honest Numbers, Power, and Policymaking
Sources of Catholic Teachings
Fourth Edition
A Country-Level Analysis
Networks and Public Policy Innovation
A Catholic Perspective
Conditions, Processes, and Knowledge in SLA and Bilingualism
The Feminist Politics of U.S. Catholic and Iranian Shi'i Women
The Minnowbrook Perspective
Christian and Muslim Perspectives
A Theological Perspective
Campaigns to Change Form of Government in America's Large Cities