Submitting A Proposal

How To Submit?

Please check with us before sending a complete manuscript. Unsolicited submissions are not accepted. You can send your electronic proposal to the appropriate editor from the list below: 

Religion & EthicsAl Bertrand
International Affairs, Intelligence, and Military HistoryDonald Jacobs
Languages and LinguisticsHope LeGro 
Global BusinessHilary Claggett

Any of the editors may be contacted about proposals for regional books.

Proposal Submission Guidelines (General):

Your cover letter and prospectus should contain the following:

Submission Guideline

  1. A project abstract of no more than 150 words
  2. A list of keywords for the book.
  3. A description of the manuscript, including:
    1. The argument of your book and what makes it unique
    2. A description of the unique research that has gone into the project
    3. Level of readership or audience
    4. Discipline(s)
  4. A table of contents, including a detailed outline that describes the content of each chapter.
  5. The total projected length of the manuscript in number of words.
  6. A list of the number and type of figures, tables, photographs, maps or other illustrations including any special design considerations. 
  7. Delivery information:
    1. Note on availability of sample chapters or whole manuscript for review
    2. Projected completion date
    3. Word processing system used
  8. Author information: Your curriculum vitae, including details of your professional standing, previous books, and other relevant publications, and your preferred pronouns. 
  9. Author platform and marketing plan: Describe your existing platform as an authority on your topic and your ideas for promoting your work to potential readers.
    1. Have you been interviewed by the media? Do you have contacts in the media? 
    2. Have you had any op-eds published? 
    3. Which social media platforms do you actively use, and how many followers do you have?
    4. Have you given a book talk for a previous work? If so, which bookstores or organizations hosted you? 
    5. Are you a member of an organization that will help promote the book, buy the book, or host you for an author event? 
    6. Do you plan to hire a publicist?  
    7. Do you belong to a speaker’s bureau? 
  10. Suggested readers, including those who might have already read the manuscript. Please indicate which suggested reviewers have already seen the manuscript.
  11. Other comments that reveal different, original, or interesting aspects of your project.
  12.  A list of competing works:
    1. What books will compete with the proposed book?
    2. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the competition
    3. How will your book differ in content? If your book has course adoption potential, how will it better meet the needs of instructors than the alternatives?
    4. What unique approach(es) to the subject have you taken?

If your book is to be used as a textbook, please also answer the following questions and submit one or more sample chapters, along with a sample of any artwork to be included (we can often reach a publishing decision about a project on the basis of a complete proposal with sample chapters, with a strong focus on the chosen market, from the author): 

  1. What market do you intend to reach?
    1. What courses are likely to use the book? Will it be used as a main or supplemental text?
    2. Will the courses require prerequisites?
    3. What would the estimated enrollment likely be for these courses? How frequently are they offered?
    4. What is the education level of the audience (e.g. college juniors and seniors, graduate students)? Will the course be taken by majors, non-majors, or both?
    5. What developments (e.g. changes in course content) are likely to affect the preparation and marketing of the book?
  2. Pedagogy: Do you plan to use a special pedagogy for this book? Describe its rationale, implementation, and competitive advantages.