Submitting a Proposal for World Language Learning Materials

How To Submit?

Please check with us before sending a complete manuscript. Unsolicited submissions are not accepted. You can send your electronic world language learning materials proposal to Hope LeGro

World Language Learning Materials Submission Guidelines:

In your prospectus please include the information below as best as possible. Please include at least 1-3 sample chapters with your proposal as well.

Outlined Guideline

  1. Abstract: Write a description of your project, no more than 100 words. In it, include a project rationale or a general overview of the project - the theory behind it and its goals.
  2. Content:
    1. Describe the goal and features of the project, including comments that reveal different or original aspects of your project
    2. Describe your pedagogical approach and its competitive advantages
    3. Provide the intended number of contact hours or semesters covered by your materials
    4. Describe the intended level of instruction (e.g. based on the ACTFUL or the ILR scales) If the text is designed to cover an academic year, what levels do you expect students to reach by the end of the book?
    5. Include a table of contents, with English translation, showing a detailed outline that describes the content of each chapter/lesson
    6. List the components included (i.e., textbook, workbook, teacher's materials, audio files, video files, interactive exercises, etc.), how many of each, and the estimated length of each (pages, minutes, files, discs)
    7. Has it been field-tested, or do you have plans to do so?
  3. Media (Audio, Video, Interactive):
    1. Provide a list of the media formats (MP3, M4V or MP4 video, etc.) and the approximate number of files/tracks of each
    2. If you plan to include some but they are not yet created, describe how you plan to create them
  4. Audience:
    1. List the courses that are likely to use your material with estimated enrollment
    2. Will it be used as a main text or supplemental material?
  5. Competing works:
    1. What books/materials compete with your proposed project?
    2. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the competition
    3. How will your materials differ from the competition in content?
    4. What unique or distinctive approach(es) to the subject have you taken?
  6. Description of special features:
    1. The number and type of illustrations (i.e., drawing, photographs, tables, maps, etc.), glossaries, and appendices. Please estimate how many illustrations are included in different media
    2. Sources of the reading passages
    3. Types of exercises (i.e., fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choice, etc.).
    4. Any other special features
  7. Delivery information:
    1. Please include at least 1-3 sample chapters with your proposal
    2. Projected completion date
    3. Word processing program used and the names of any special language fonts used
  8. Author information: Your curriculum vitae, including details of your professional standing, previous books, and other relevant publications and experience, and your preferred pronouns. 
  9. Suggested readers: Include those who might have already read the manuscript. Make note of which reviewers have already seen the manuscript